On 14th June every year, the world commemorates the world donor day. This year, the day will be celebrated under the theme “Share life, Give blood”.

As a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) staff with support from Uganda Blood Transfusion Service, donated blood to increase supply to those in need. This was held on 12th June 2024 at the UETCL Head offices on Hannington Road, Kampala and it`s Lugogo based offices.

According to the United Nations, Uganda collects 350,000 out of the 450,000 Units of blood that are needed to save life. In the recent past, the country has been faced with acute shortage of blood needed to save life especially for patients with life threatening health conditions, accident victims, cancer victims among others.

UETCL is committed to the Social wellbeing of it`s staff and the community at large in guarding our core values through team work by donating blood.

UETCL is an ISO certified Public limited company, owned by Government of Uganda that started operations in 2001. It holds the following operational licenses, System Operator, Operation of High Voltage Transmission Grid, Bulk power supply, Import and Export of power; and Public Infrastructure Provider (For ownership and operation of the optic Fibre).

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