There is no doubt that sports in general has played a very key role in uniting and bringing together communities with diverse interests and aspirations. The Ugandan Corporate arena has not been spared by the huge influence that has been created by this different games especially football among others.

The Ugandan corporate class has for long been in the lookout for corporate events that would bring together different players among the corporates as a way to not only enhance healthy living but also be able to provide a unique opportunity for corporate companies to participate in purpose-built corporate sports programmes that will run throughout the year.

This informed the return of UETCL into Corporate Sports activities in 2024 being a company that pays key attention to the social wellbeing of it`s employees. The birth of the Corporate Sports Network, the organizers of fresh monthly sports outings brings together over 30 companies taking part and participating in games like football, volley ball, pool, swimming among others. The company`s participation in the games has had a leverage in team building, branding, free exhibitions, marketing and publicity opportunities.

UETCL`S team dubbed the “Mega Watts” made a unique return in the 2nd outing of the electrifying games that took place in April 2024 at the Maroons Play ground in Luzira where they exhibited spectacular skills and professional football in it`s encounter with other corporates.

The company would later return to the just concluded 3rd Edition for the 2024 season in May 2024 played at MUBS Nakawa campus with the main objective of promoting productive corporate networks by bringing it`s employees together and creating an enabling environment for them to network with staff of other member companies participating in various sports activities in the league every month.

The Games that run for nine months will be concluded by a Grand Dinner and awards ceremony in December 2024.

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