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Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

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Policy Statement

The management of Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) regards the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors and the public with utmost importance. There is no work of any nature, required to be carried out by an employee or contractor of UETCL, which cannot be carried out in a safe and proper manner.

Accordingly, management commits itself to ensure the following at all times:

  • To provide a safe and health working environment in which all employees, visitors and contractors are aware of the need to observe safe practices to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  • To comply with statutory requirements as a minimum and company safety, health and environmental rules and regulations where these are higher than the statutory requirement.
  • To establish safe, healthy and environmentally sound working procedures and practices, continually monitoring their implementation for all workers, workplaces and public interface points.
  • To ensure that employees are adequately trained to efficiently carry out their work in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manner and that they are made aware of any special safety requirements in their work area including emergency situations.
  • To promote harmonious cooperation and communication between employees and management, ensuring that there is immediate implementation of viable suggestions related to health, safety and the environment.
  • To ensure that all accidents including near misses and dangerous occurrences are investigated.
  • To mitigate the pollution of the environment resulting from UETCL activities.
  • To maintain a Safety Rules and Regulations Manual available to all employees.
  • To continually improve our Safety, Health and Environmental programs and performance through periodic evaluation and implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
  • To establish and maintain a Health and Safety Committee that will consult in a cooperative spirit to identify and resolve safety and health problems in support of the Company’s Safety and Health programs and regulations.

Responsibility Of Management

Management takes full responsibility of ensuring a healthy and safe working environment in UETCL. All line managers will be responsible for implementing this policy.

Responsibility of employees, contractors, customers and the general public

They will be expected comply with all safety procedures and practices and take reasonable care not to do anything or create any condition that will endanger their lives, people around them and the assets of UETCL at all times.

By accepting these responsibilities, all employees can work together to make UETCL a healthy, safe and secure working environment in which each employee without discrimination, will be encouraged to develop to his or her full potential.

Managing Director/CEO

October 2009

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