Mirama-Kabale 132kV Transmission Line and Associated Substations (MKP)


Under Implementation

Contract Details

Lot 1 – Transmission Line:
Contractor: The consortium of CCC International Engineering Nigeria Ltd. and Guangxi Transmission & substation construction Co. Ltd. (CCC-GTSCC)

Lot 2 – Mirama and Kabale substations:
Contractor: Ceylex Engineering (PVT) Limited


  1. Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Overall Status/ Physical Performance

Overall progress of construction of the project is 55%.

Construction of 88km Mirama – Kabale 132kV double circuit transmission line

The overall weighted progress for the transmission line works is 76%.

  • A total of 260 out of 294 foundations have been constructed to date.
  • A total of 157 out of 294 towers have been erected to date.
  • Stringing is 16% complete with 14.1 out of 88km strung to date.

Construction of a new 2X32/40MVA 132/33kV substation at Kabale and extension of the busbars at the Mirama Substation to cater for 2X132kV line bays to Kabale

Overall weighted progress is 30%.

  • Earthworks for new Kabale substation currently stand at 96%.
  • Detailed designs for major electrical equipment are at 71% while civil designs stand at 23%.
  • Overall procurement stands at 24%; Manufacturing has been completed for Disconnectors, surge arrestors, 145kV Circuit breakers and ongoing for power transformers, Auxiliary transformers, 33kV GIS; Instrument transformers.

RoW acquisition progress

  • RAP implementation is 96% complete (2,434 out of 2,534 PAPs have been paid; Kabale substation Land acquisition is 100% complete (5.445 acres acquired).

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