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Governance, Ethics & Compliance Department (GE&C)

  /  Governance, Ethics & Compliance Department (GE&C)

Governance, Ethics & Compliance Department is drawn from all the strategic focus areas of the company


  • Board Administration Section
  • Ethics & Compliance Monitoring Section
  • Legal
  • Security
  • Litigation


  • To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of the Company.


  • Promote corporate accountability, ethical leadership, compliance with regulatory requirements, effective communication between the Board of Directors and the Executive Management of the Company
  • Promote a culture of stakeholder centric business ethics in accordance with corporate governance principles and best practices


The Governance, Ethics & Compliance Department Objectives are achieved through;

  • Development and implementing of efficient and effective Board policies, processes and systems for effective communication between the Board of Directors and Senior Management of the Company.
  • Development and implementation of a Company – wide compliance risk management system, with related processes and policies which demonstrate the Company’s commitment to compliance with relevant laws, including legislative requirements, industry codes and organizational standards as well as standards of good corporate governance, best practices, ethical standards and stakeholder expectations.
  • Ensuring there is an effective and structured framework to aid the Board of Directors in Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the enterprise risk management framework
  • Promoting and facilitating the development of a culture of sound corporate citizenry through ethical business practices and formulation of policies and procedures that reflect concerns of the Company’s internal and external stakeholders.
  • Supporting the Board of Directors in the coordination and engagement of Senior Management in the development of the Company’s Corporate strategy and monitoring the implementation of the approved Corporate Strategy
  • Developing and maintaining a Directors’ succession plan that ensures that institutional memory and knowledge are maintained.
  • Developing and maintaining a centralized repository system for the Company’s information/instruments of governance classified as being of proprietary, confidential, posterity, critical value to the business.
  • Provision of independent advisory support to the Board of Directors on matters relating to Corporate Governance.
  • Maintaining a competent, skilled and resourced team of professionals to support in the delivery of the mandate of the Governance, Ethics & Compliance department.

Ms. Aseru Stella Ladona Wattanga

Ag. Head Governance, Ethics &Compliance